Ernst Franke Transport Hannover - International Shipping.

At that time: How everything got started

The story of the familie enterprise began about 100 years ago:

Ernst Franke, child of a Silesian family rich in children, learned the craft of a butcher around 1900. Meanwhile he opened a trucking company in Hannover and transported tropical fruits and bananas by a horse carriage to the retail dealers in the whole city.

After the Second World War came a fresh start: first the whole family removed rubble with a handcart, until they could afford a horse carriage again. Then in the 50s the first truck and dump truck were used.

In the 60s and 70s the enterprise of just haulage contracts changed to freight and long-distance freight traffic. In 1978 Gerd Franke took over the enterprise from his parents. The vehicle park was extended in following decades to a fleet of trucks, construction vehicles, excavators and caterpillars.

Today his son Dirk Franke leads the modern company in the fourth generation.